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210100nF Poly Cap. PET 250Vac, 630Vdc, XK series0 pcs
209X41AC24A 18-120VAC 24VDC 120v 30a relay 3pco3 pcs
207BYW100-200 1.5A 200V diode9 pcs
206ZBE205 ZBE 205 double contact2 pcs
204LP324N Quad op amp 0.6MHz DIP141 pcs
203STK392-040 hybrid TV Convergence1 pcs
200ULN2805A cmos5 pcs
199W21 2R4 resistor1 pcs
198W21 1R8 resistor2 pcs
197W21 22R resistor3 pcs
196MC34063ADE4-DC-DC Buck,Boost, Invert Reg., Adj. 3V-40Vin,1.25V-40Vout,0 pcs
19522V10Z-25CNT1 pcs
194D72001C-111 pcs
19224v relay 10a G2R1SN24AC(S)1 pcs
190LTV827B1 pcs
1880.1u 47R cap rad PMR209 100n3 pcs
187W21 3K0 resistor2 pcs
185220n 630v cap rad poly8 pcs
18124v relay NF4EB-24V 4PCO, 24VDC1 pcs
1792k21r 1/4w4 pcs
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