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2476X-2-103LF resistor network4 pcs
246IRFP064N MOSFET N Ch 55V 110A TO247AC2 pcs
244D8284A Clock generator IC1 pcs
242SCN2681AC1N40 - Dual asynchronous receiver/transmitter1 pcs
24127E1064 Tyco relay socket base T7C/T7N series58 pcs
236IRFS31N20DPBF Mosfet N Ch 200V 31A8 pcs
235 WE-GFH Series Type 4532 Wire-wound SMD8 pcs
233BC807-25 0.5A PNP transistor5 pcs
232IPP70N10S3-12, N-Ch FET, TO220, 3N10124 pcs
231G5CA-1A-E, PCB relay, SPST-NO, 24Vdc coil, Omron2 pcs
23047nF, 1500Vdc, 660Vac, X2 cap, PME264 b6a3 pcs
229MBRB1645, 45V, 16A, Schottky Diode, SMD, D2PAK2 pcs
22750K pot 248BBHS0XB25503MA1 pcs
224P87C51RC2FN 8bit microcontroller,33MHz1 pcs
223Red,1.8mm,single H led,KM2520EH/1ID-5V4 pcs
2222SC27922 pcs
219UF102 diode fast recovery4 pcs
216P-Channel MOSFET, 12 A, 60 V, 3-Pin DPAK ON Semiconductor NTD2955T4G10 pcs
2142R2u 2u2 20V axial1 pcs
2112N6426 - bipolar darlington transistor, NPN, 40V, TO-922 pcs
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