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40197MC145407 DIP204 pcs
401960 pcs
4019510uF, 25V, Tant. Cap, Radial, 790D ser., SIBAS9 pcs
40194HCPL-7800-000E Isol. Amp, 8 pin DIL, A7800, 3%2 pcs
40193T1.25 Fuse, PCB, 1.25A 250Vac, round Radial8 pcs
40192F1A Fuse, PCB, 1A, 250Vac, box Radial8 pcs
40191SN74HC259DR 8bit-Bit Latch, D Type, 16-Pin SOIC40 pcs
40190BAS70DW-06-7-F Cognex Scanner9 pcs
40189Empty0 pcs
401880 pcs
40187DS1232LPS-2+, Volt Suprvsr 4.62V, 8pin SOIC1 pcs
401860 pcs
40185BC558C PNP Transistor, TO921 pcs
40184Empty0 pcs
401832pF 50V SMD cap, MLCC, size 0402,1005 (tiny)100 pcs
40182200k Resistor 1/4W 0.25W MRS25 0.6W 1%21 pcs
401810 pcs
40180Empty0 pcs
40179Empty0 pcs
40178100pF 25V SMD cap, MLCC, size 0201, 0603 (tiny)50 pcs
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