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40101HT0740LG-G MOSFET Power Driver 8-Pin, SOIC9 pcs
401000 pcs
40099LM317AMDT Linear Voltage Regulator, 500mA, Adjustable4 pcs
40098TLP621-4 Quad Optocoupler SMD 16 pin25 pcs
400970 pcs
40096S20K275, MOV 275V, Radial, Metal Oxide Varistor9 pcs
40095EVL31-050 dual transistor module1 pcs
40094MG200H1AL2 transistor module1 pcs
40093QM100HY-2H1 pcs
4009262V Zener Diode 500 mW SMT 2-Pin SOD-123200 pcs
40091100nf MLCC 50v 080523 pcs
4009022R 3W SMD 2512 resistor10 pcs
4008922R 1W SMD 2512 resistor10 pcs
400886R8 3W SMD 2512 resistor10 pcs
400870 pcs
4008622uF, 40V, Tantalum Cap, Radial, SIBAS2 pcs
400853.3uF, 3u3, 50V, Tantalum Cap, Radial, SIBAS8 pcs
400841uF, 40V, Tantalum Cap, Radial, SIBAS1 pcs
400831N5711 Schottky,70V, equiv to HP2800, SIBAS18 pcs
40082QM20TC-H IGBT Module1 pcs
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