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400260 pcs
40025097.09.20, 20mm High Polyamide Spacers with 8mm diameter and 402mm Bore Diameter69 pcs
40024Lemo 1B Series, 4 Pole Cable Mount Connector Plug, with Male Contacts1 pcs
40023Analog Devices ADM485JRZ, Line Transceiver, RS-422, RS-485, 5 V, 8-Pin SOIC1 pcs
40022Panasonic ERA Series Thin Film Surface Mount Resistor 1206 Case5 pcs
40021BC33740BU-Bipolar (BJT) Single Transistor, NPN, 45 V, 100 MHz, 625 Mw, 800 Ma, 170 Hfe1 pcs
4002050., Safety Relay,12Vdc,DPDT,8A1 pcs
40019FDS6875 -Dual MOSFET, Dual P Channel, 6 A, -20 V, 0.024 ohm, -4.5 V, -800 Mv2 pcs
40018Rubycon Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor2 pcs
40017Alliance Memory, AS6C1008-55S1N SRAM Memory1 pcs
400161 x 6V ac 1 Output PCB Mount PCB Transformer, 0.35VA6 pcs
40015ON Semiconductor FDS6910 Dual N-channel MOSFET, 7.5 A, 30 V PowerTrench, 8-Pin SOIC4 pcs
40014EPCOS 47nF Polypropylene Capacitor PP 1 Kv dc4 pcs
40013TE Connectivity SPDT Non-Latching Relay PCB Mount, 24V dc Coil 8 A7 pcs
40012RS Pro Ceramic Cartridge Fuse, 6.3A, Speed T, 5 x 20mm9 pcs
40011Texas Instruments TPS3813K33DBVT, Processor Supervisor 2.93V, WDT 6-Pin, SOT-23 2.5/3/3.3/5 V5 pcs
40010Mersen ATMR GMG Cartridge Fuse, 20A, Speed F, 10 x 38mm1 pcs
40009HY Electronic Corp KBPC2506, Bridge Rectifier, 25A 600V, 4-Pin KBPC7 pcs
40008Texas Instruments,LM2576HVS-ADJ/NOPB Step-Down Switching Regulator 3A Adjustable0 pcs
40007Translating transceiver, 74LVC4245APW8 pcs
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