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40189Empty0 pcs
401880 pcs
40187DS1232LPS-2+, Volt Suprvsr 4.62V, 8pin SOIC1 pcs
401860 pcs
40185BC558C PNP Transistor, TO921 pcs
40184Empty0 pcs
401832pF 50V SMD cap, MLCC, size 0402,1005 (tiny)100 pcs
40182200k Resistor 1/4W 0.25W MRS25 0.6W 1%21 pcs
401810 pcs
40180Empty0 pcs
40179Empty0 pcs
40178100pF 25V SMD cap, MLCC, size 0201, 0603 (tiny)50 pcs
4017720pF 50V SMD cap, MLCC, size 0603, 16084 pcs
401760 pcs
40175EDZTE6127B 27V Zener Diode 150 mW SMT 2-Pin EMD used in cognex bar code scanner10 pcs
40174L6385ED, 8-Pin, SOIC, dual 1/2 bridge driver3 pcs
40173BACO Contact Blk 1NO, Green, 33E01, Schindler?4 pcs
40172Empty0 pcs
401712200uF 400V Electrolytic Capacitor for AEG DC8000 pcs
40170BC856A, Transistor, PNP, SOT-23, SMD, 3A SIBAS24 pcs
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