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40079PESD5V0L4UW,115, Quad Uni-Directional TVS Diode, 30W, 5-Pin SOT-66519 pcs
4007874HCT32 SMD12 pcs
40077SN74HC373N Octal Latch, Transparent D Type, 3 State, 20-Pin PDIP17 pcs
40076RS Pro DC, DC Adapter Rated At 1A, 12 V, Cable Mount, Length 44mm, Nickel Plate5 pcs
40075IRFP460BPBF N-Channel MOSFET, 20 A, 500 V D Series, 3-Pin TO-247AV Vishay1 pcs
40074STF10NM60N N-Channel MOSFET, 10A, 600 V Mdmesh, 3-Pin TO-220FP STMicroelectronics4 pcs
40073Nexperia Zener Diode, 7.5V 5% 500mW Through Hole 2-Pin DO-3516 pcs
40072STMicroelectronics L4931CD33-TR, LDO Regulator, 300Ma, 3.36 V, Maximum of 20 Vin 8-Pin, SOIC10 pcs
40071ULN2803A-Bipolar Transistor Array, Darlington,NPN, 50 V, 2.25 W, 500 Ma, 1000 Hfe, DIP1 pcs
40070Wurth Elektronik WR-FFC FFC Jumper Cable, 1mm Pitch, 14 Way, 50mm Cable Length, 1 A, 60 V ac4 pcs
40069NXP 74HC86D,652,Quad 2-Input XOR Logic Gate 2 → 6 V, 14-Pin → 6 V, 14-Pin SOIC1 pcs
40068Texas Instruments TPS2819DBVT Low Side MOSFET Power Driver5 pcs
40067HF46F-G/012-HS1 12V DC 7A SPNO slim relay6 pcs
40066SMBJ33A, Uni-Directional TVS Diode, Vbmin 36.7V 600W, 2-Pin DO-214AA49 pcs
4006574HC14PW,118 - Inverter, Schmitt Trigger, 74HC14, 1 Input, 25 Ma, 2 V to 6 V, TSSOP-142 pcs
40064Panasonic ZNR Series Metal Oxide Varistor 100A, Clamping 710V, Varistor 430V1 pcs
40063Taiwan Semiconductor GBPC1506W T0, Bridge Rectifier, 15A 600V, 4-Pin GBPC-W1 pcs
40062Maxim DG509ACJ+, Multiplexer Single 4:1, 16-Pin PDIP1 pcs
40061Vishay, SFH6345 DC Input Transistor Output Optocoupler, Through Hole, 8-Pin PDIP5 pcs
4006016 pin, DIL, DIP, IC Socket, Turned Pin.16 pcs
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