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39827Zener Diode, 15V 5%19 pcs
39826KBPC2510W, Bridge Rectifier, 25A 1000V6 pcs
3982515A FF Non-Resettable Surface Mount Fuse, 65V9 pcs
39824100nF Polyester Capacitor PET 63 V dc 10%49 pcs
39823LM317LM Linear Voltage Regulator, 200mA, Adjustable, 1.2 - 37 V, SOIC 8-Pin23 pcs
39822120 W 2 pin PC, Fluorescent Lampholder8 pcs
39821SN75C1167DBR, RS-422 Interface IC1 pcs
39820SI4850EY-T1-GE34 pcs
39819MC14093BDG4 pcs
39818Capacitor, Axial, 22μF, 63 V dc, 6mm12 pcs
3981710 Way 5.08mm Pitch Right Angle Pluggable Terminal Block, Header4 pcs
39816BCR 503 NPN Digital Transistor, 500 mA 50 V 2.2 Kr40 pcs
39815Axial Wirewound Resistor 120R ±5% 7W9 pcs
39814Paper Capacitor 100nF,( 0.1UF ), 500 V ac2 pcs
39813S14 Series Disc Varistor 300pF 6000A5 pcs
39812MMBF170LT1G N-channel MOSFET 500 mA, 60 V, 3-Pin SOT-2310 pcs
39811REED SWITCH1 pcs
39810ADP3418J1 pcs
39809GBJ2506, Bridge Rectifier, 25A 600V, 4-Pin GBJ10 pcs
39808SE555P, TIMER CIRCUIT2 pcs
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