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41710220uF 35V, Polymer Cap, SMD, 8x 12.2mm, Sinamics25 pcs
41709Empty0 pcs
41708PP15-45 Heavy Duty Pwr Conn. Housing, Brown10 pcs
41707PP15-45 Conn. Insert, PP15-45 Male/Female, 30A, 600 V, Metron Elodyn26 pcs
417060 pcs
41705PP15-45 Heavy Duty Pwr Conn. Housing, Red, Metron Elodyn15 pcs
41704Binder 9906137205 Bayonet, series 678, Miniature Connector3 pcs
4170315uF 35V, Tantalum Cap. SMD, T491 Ser. 125deg C., 2917 (7343 metric)16 pcs
41702TPS40053 HTSSOP 16, 6V to 42V Synchronous Buck DC-DC Controller4 pcs
41701SN74LS113AN2 pcs
417000 pcs
416990 pcs
41698Brahma E7 solenoid for valve body schwank1 pcs
41697TOP246YN switcher IC 85-265V AC 4.32A TO-220-7 132KHz1 pcs
41696Kaco R0S-2537 DC24V Safety Relay4 pcs
416950 pcs
41694PESD3VS2UT,21520 pcs
416930 pcs
4169275kΩ, 1206 (3216M) Thick Film SMD Resistor ±1% 0.25W - CRCW120675K0FKEA49 pcs
41691MOC3043SM Optocoupler, Triac Output, Surface Mount DIP, 6 Pins, 7.5 kV, Zero Crossing, 400 V2 pcs
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