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40214IEC Plug Male, C14, Panel Mount, 15A, 250Vac9 pcs
40213Empty0 pcs
40212DPDT Toggle Switch, On-Off-On, Panel Mount5 pcs
40211Power supply 5v/5a 12v/2.5a -12v/0.7a0 pcs
402100 pcs
402090 pcs
402082.2 uH Ferrite Multilayer SMD Inductor, 0805 , SRF: 50MHz 600mA dc 425mΩ Rdc8 pcs
402070 pcs
4020625K Lin 16mm Pot, Panel mnt, 1 Turn, 200mW, 6mm Plain Shaft8 pcs
4020510K Lin 16mm Pot, Panel mnt, 1 Turn, 200mW, 6mm Splined Shaft8 pcs
40204BDP948, PNP BJT, SMD, SOT223, 45Vceo, 3A Ic, Siemens 611.9 pcs
40203LT1021CCN8-10PBF1 pcs
40202Littelfuse 4A Axial FF Leaded PCB Mount Fuse, 125V ac/dc9 pcs
40201DPDT Non-Latching Relay PCB Mount, 230V Coil, 16A4 pcs
402000 pcs
401990 pcs
4019820ml Syringe7 pcs
40197MC145407 DIP204 pcs
401960 pcs
4019510uF, 25V, Tant. Cap, Radial, 790D ser., SIBAS9 pcs
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