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39843Zener Diode, 2.4V 8% 350 mW SMT 3-Pin SOT-23248 pcs
39842Omni-Directional 9.7mm Microphone Condenser, 50 to 16000 Hz -41dB3 pcs
39841 Right Angle SMT Type B Version 2.0 Micro USB Connector Socket, 100 V ac, 1.8A5 pcs
39840SM15T33A, Uni-Directional TVS Diode, CV=59V, BV=31.4V, 1500W4 pcs
3983924V, 0.7A, 16.8W, power supply1 pcs
39838LM5007MM Step-Down Switching Regulator 500mA Adjustable, 6.6 - 7.4 V, MSOP 8-Pin2 pcs
3983774HCT541D Octal Buffer & Line Driver, 20-Pin SOIC9 pcs
39836SMD Chip Resistor, Thick Film, 220 ohm, 200 V8 pcs
39835Bussmann, 100A, FEE, FF, British Standard Fuse, 660V ac1 pcs
3983424 WAY DIL SOCKET5 pcs
39833AVX 22μF 35 V dc Tantalum Capactitor Electrolytic14 pcs
398320 pcs
398315.08mm Pitch 10 Way 1 Row Right Angle PCB Terminal Block Header5 pcs
398305 Way Through Hole DIP Switch SPST, Raised Actuator4 pcs
39829TL074CN, Quad Op Amp5 pcs
39828BC9030 Base/ Charger, 433MHZ M-INT1 pcs
39827Zener Diode, 15V 5%19 pcs
39826KBPC2510W, Bridge Rectifier, 25A 1000V6 pcs
3982515A FF Non-Resettable Surface Mount Fuse, 65V9 pcs
39824100nF Polyester Capacitor PET 63 V dc 10%39 pcs
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