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109MOV S14K250 Varistor1 pcs
105KEMET 1μF Polypropylene Capacitor PP 275V ac3 pcs
97TL082IDT, Dual Op Amp, 4MHz, 8-Pin SOIC4 pcs
96RC55Y precision resistor, 64k9 0.25W15 pcs
94EXAR ST16C1550CJ28-F UART RS2321 pcs
922 way friction lock vertical header 3.96mm4 pcs
91LM329BZ0 pcs
902 mm dc power plug2 pcs
87PC725V opto 5000Vac/50mA DIP61 pcs
8612032 IVZF745 smd2 pcs
81120k 1/2w resistor 0.5w55 pcs
805K1 1/2w resistor 0.5w24 pcs
772R7 1/2w carbon comp resistor 0.5w3 pcs
75AT24C16B-PU EEPROM SERIAL 2.7-5.5V 16K 24C165 pcs
71S4065J thyristor SCR Thyristor, 400 V, 50 mA, 41 A, 65 A, TO-218X, 3 Pins1 pcs
70PMR209 PCB mount,0.1uF 100R 250Vac3 pcs
66330nF 400V MKT1822 Polyester Cap5 pcs
65TIP122 Trans Darlington NPN 100V 8A TO2200 pcs
61470uf 25v Cap24 pcs
60u22 400v metalised poly cap1 pcs
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