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349TDA2088A7 pcs
348relay 10A DPCO 24Vdc Non indicating2 pcs
346HEF4093BP Quad 2 i/p NAND gate DIP147 pcs
345HEF4021BP 8-bit static shift register1 pcs
344HF3FD 012-ZSTF 12Vdc Relay SPDT, 10A PCB0 pcs
343MOV S10 K25 Varistor3 pcs
341220k 3w resistor14 pcs
340BT145-800R Thyristor 25A 800V nonisolated tab2 pcs
339T63XB side adj cermet pcb pot,10K 0.25W0 pcs
337VB2.8/2/15 transformer 2.8VA 230V 2x15V0 pcs
335Panasonic CR1632 Button Battery, 3V, 16mm Diameter0 pcs
333CD4512BMG4 Multiplexer Single CMOS 3-ST 16-Pin SOIC1 pcs
332MC14512BCP 8-1 line tristate mux DIP 162 pcs
330Osram Opto SFH 480-2/3 IR LED, 880nm, 2-Pin Through Hole TO-181 pcs
329G5V-2 12VDC DPCO sub-min. relay, 2A46 pcs
328130R H8130RBYA resistor, 0.25W, 0.1%,13 pcs
32663mA fuse 20MM F2 pcs
325BTS660P high current power switch profet TO-2202 pcs
324L4973D5.1 driver; DC/DC converter; 5.1÷50VDC; 3.5A; SO20; Topology: buck1 pcs
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