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285E3 X112 J870610 pcs
283PZTA42 0.5A Ic 10Vce NPN transistor47 pcs
282213, 3 cell Colour Mixer MCPCB LED Prototyping Board for Luxeon Rebel LEDs1 pcs
28112V 16ma 3mm bulb lamp8 pcs
277IR2113 MOSFET/IGBT driver DIP14 200mA1 pcs
275BZT03C220 diode zener 220V, 3.25W19 pcs
2743M, 4600, 20 Way, 2Row,Right Angle PCB Header1 pcs
273100uH 110mA 3613C Series Type 1812 Shielded Wire-wound SMD Inductor with a Ferrite Core10 pcs
272Transformer, Encapsulated PCB, 2.3 VA, 2 x 15V, 76 mA, 2 x 115V3 pcs
269Littelfuse 217 2A Glass Cartridge Fuse2 pcs
26226 Way Male IDC Right Angle Cable Mnt 2.54mm Pitch 2 Row2 pcs
260Fuse, PCB Leaded, T40mA, 250 VAC, TR5 Series, wickmann type5 pcs
258CD4002BCN3 pcs
257DS3487N LINE DRIVER QUAD RS422, 3487, DIP161 pcs
255DS3486N Quad RS-422/RS-423 Line Receiver5 pcs
254Littelfuse 314 20A Ceramic Cartridge Fuse3 pcs
253MM74HCT244WMX Octal-Channel Buffer & Line Driver, 3-State, 20-Pin SOIC W1 pcs
25102183.15MXP-Fuse Cartridge7 pcs
249TIP112 NPN transistor 100V 2A TO2201 pcs
2482N6405G thyristor 16A, 800V, TO-2201 pcs
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