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592SC3446 transistor7 pcs
57SN75452BP1 pcs
55DS0026 Dual High-Speed MOS Driver ICL7667CPAZ DIP82 pcs
532000uH Choke, 6Adc, 0.024ohm Rdc2 pcs
51SN74LS132N Quad 2 input NAND gate DIP141 pcs
502SC3346 NPN 80V 12A6 pcs
49BUT12AF transistor 1000v 5a NPN1 pcs
4840amp 200v diode stud SW02PCN0401 pcs
47MC68HC11E1CFNE2 MCU 8BIT 3MHZ smd PLCC521 pcs
45CCFL 2.4 x 348 mm2 pcs
4168V Zener Diode 6% 1.3 W Through Hole 2-Pin DO-41194 pcs
39Standard Metal Oxide Varistor 200Pf 50a, Clamping 1240V, Varistor 750V3 pcs
37TP06122 pcs
36RP412012 12Vdc Relay SPDT, 12A PCB0 pcs
3327L4B1 smd2 pcs
32P-Channel MOSFET, 225 Ma, 250 V, 4-Pin SOT-2234 pcs
31DSP8-12A, Rectifier Diode, 11A max, 1200V Dual, 3-Pin, TO-220AB1 pcs
29M5L8243P I/O Expander1 pcs
282 way PCB 55deg screw terminal block4 pcs
27R2768 transistor3 pcs
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