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40558100V 150mA, Schottky Diode, 2-Pin DO-35 BAT466 pcs
40555TLE2024CDW, TLE2024C SMD Quad Op-Amp, 16 Pin SOIC-W HAAS2 pcs
40554CMR118C, 0.75W Isolated DC-DC.Vin 24V nom., Vout 5Vdc3 pcs
40553Vishay MBB0207 Series Axial Thin Film Fixed Resistor 33.2Ω ±1% 0.6W ±50ppm/°C49 pcs
40552Microchip ATMEGA128-16AU, 8bit AVR Microcontroller, Atmega, 16MHz, 128 Kb Flash, 64-Pin TQFP1 pcs
40545680nF Poly Cap 300Vac, Y2, 27.5mm Pitch, Though Hole3 pcs
405442SD7892 pcs
40543SMC 2N292684 pcs
405422SC1740S14 pcs
40541GI82462 pcs
40538MOC3022X7 pcs
40535L298N1 pcs
40534CD74AC32E2 pcs
40533BY2495 pcs
40531LM239J1 pcs
40529BUW32A5 pcs
40528Vishay 357-2-1-1S22-103 Rotary Potentiometer5 pcs
40527SFH610A-21 pcs
40524UMC UM3750A 0316M E39283 pcs
40523SN74LS241N2 pcs
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