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40599KTK-1/24 pcs
40598SCN2661A1 pcs
40595MCA2307 pcs
40591A120B7 pcs
4059074AC02M 14 pin SOIC SMD4 pcs
405882N66681 pcs
40587RS PRO 50-Way IDC Connector Socket for Cable Mount, 2-Row1 pcs
40586BDW42G3 pcs
405844116R-1-222LF4 pcs
4058310320-3210-0002 pcs
40581TDA25954 pcs
4057447k Resistor, 1/4W 0.25W, 1%, SMD 120667 pcs
40573100nF 2kVdc, 700Vac, Polypr. Cap., Snubber, PHE450 Series15 pcs
40572N-Channel MOSFET, 10 A, 600 V, 3-Pin TO-220 STMicroelectronics STP10NM60N4 pcs
40569TPDV1225RG8 pcs
40568NMC27C16BQ2 pcs
40565STTH212S ultrafast diode , 1200v 2A Fast / Ultrafast Diode, 1200V, 2 A, Single, 1.75 V, 75 ns, 40 A9 pcs
40564Tactile Switch, RF15 Series, Top Actuated, Through Hole, Square Button, 296 gf, 250mA at 50VDC3 pcs
40563HCPL 786J 000E, Isolated 12 bit- ADC, SMD, 16-Pin SOIC-W20 pcs
40562M48Z02-150PC12 pcs
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