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41153SMBJ22A-E3/5224 pcs
41149 CD74HCT245M96 CD74HCT245M964 pcs
41148IRFR9024PBF1 pcs
41142SN74LS26D4 pcs
41140Mitsubishi PD21353-NP (Used)9 pcs
41137 IRFD9024PBF1 pcs
41136IRFU9024N IRFU9024N IRFU9024N2 pcs
41135BZD27C16P-GS0823 pcs
4113474ABT244D,602 Octal-Channel Buffer & Line Driver, 3-State, 20-Pin SOIC1 pcs
41133Nexperia 74HC125D, 652 Buffer, Line Driver Logic Gate, 14-Pin SOIC2 pcs
4113146992-06109 pcs
41127400V 1A, Rectifier Diode, 2-Pin DO-214BA GF1G-E3/67A6 pcs
41126BQ2057SN2 pcs
41124N-Channel MOSFET, 9.2 A, 600 V, 3-Pin D2PAK Vishay IRFS9N60APBF5 pcs
4112340V 3A, Schottky Diode, 2-Pin DO-214AC B340A-E3/61T16 pcs
41122Nexperia BCP56-16,115 NPN Transistor, 1 A, 80 V, 4-Pin SOT-22325 pcs
41106Dallas DS1220Y-150 nonvolatile SRAM1 pcs
41101SKiM200GD128D1 pcs
41099FDC6305N N-Ch Mosfet 2.7A, 20V, 0.08R, TSOT23 62 pcs
41098563-0200-014 pcs
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Leading the way in Service and Quality, Electrotech is established as one of the worlds foremost Electronic Repair Specialists.
By providing a range of responsive first class services, with unrivalled technical expertise and support, we are now becoming the company of choice within the industry.

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