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40508LM258ADR2 pcs
40507Microchip LR8N3-G, 1 Linear Voltage, Voltage Regulator 30mA 3-Pin, TO-928 pcs
40505Nichicon 1000μF Electrolytic Capacitor 16V dc, Surface Mount - UCM1C102MNL1GS5 pcs
40504STMicroelectronics SMBJ33CA-TR, Bi-Directional TVS Diode, 2-Pin DO-214AA24 pcs
40502SG3524N1 pcs
40501Siemens 3TX4001-2A Auxilliary Contact - 1NC, 1 Contact, Plug In, 6 A1 pcs
40499CCFL Back Light 140mm x 2mm4 pcs
40495P11S1V0FLSY00502KA2 pcs
40494092824868012 pcs
40491SDBX25PNTD1 pcs
404901/4in Mono Jack Plug Audio, 0.25 inch 6.35mm6 pcs
4048925 Way Right Angle PCB D-sub Conn. Plug, 2.54mm Pitch3 pcs
4048762684-45110E9ALF3 pcs
40486BC243C4 pcs
40485LT3507EUHF#PBF Step-Down Switching Regulator Triple-Channel 2.4A Adjustable 38-Pin, QFN1 pcs
4048232 Way Connector1 pcs
40481LED Reflector Bulb, Midget Groove, White, Single Chip, 6mm dia., 12V ac/dc2 pcs
4048096 Way 2.54mm Pitch, Type C Class C3, 3 Row, Right Angle DIN 41612 Connector, Plug4 pcs
40478General Purpose Relay S2-12VDC2 pcs
40476Safety Capacitor, Metalized PP, Radial Box- 2 Pin5 pcs
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