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4048762684-45110E9ALF3 pcs
4048096 Way 2.54mm Pitch, Type C Class C3, 3 Row, Right Angle DIN 41612 Connector, Plug4 pcs
40456TLC393IP1 pcs
40428Diodes Inc MMST2907A-7-F PNP Transistor99 pcs
40408SFH6136-X009T2 pcs
40407UDN2987A-6-T1 pcs
40398Mercury 11.0592MHz Crystal4 pcs
40397TMS9937NL VDL CRT Video Timer Controller 40 Pin Dip1 pcs
40382LM393P0 pcs
40373LM2594M-5.0, Swi Reg., 500mA, SMD, 8 pin SOIC1 pcs
4036350A Fuse, gR, 690Vac Ultra Rapid, 14x51mm2 pcs
40358ZTX649 NPN BJT, 25V 2A,1W, E-Line,(farnell power supply)6 pcs
4035240A Gg, Fuse, Ceramic, 22.2x58mm, 690Vac5 pcs
40345MMBT3904 (BJT) NPN, SMD, SOT23, Marked 7A (7AW)43 pcs
40318DS36954M, Quad RS422/485 Bus Xcvr, SMD, 20 pin SOIC, Siemens 840d Regulator7 pcs
40313MAX709LCSA+, Processor Supervisor 4.65V 8-Pin, SOIC4 pcs
40303BCX38B, Transistor, TO92, Z-line8 pcs
40301Molex, KK 396, 41792, 6 Way, 1 Row, Right Angle PCB Header9 pcs
4029225A Fuse, gG/gL, 690Vac Ceramic, 14x51mm4 pcs
40283ITT Cannon Trident Male Crimp Terminal Contact 16AWG 192990-0100/T2P16MC1LZ6 pcs
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