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142MS81C79A-45NC1 pcs
117330nF 275Vac capacitor MKP3393 pcs
11447v zener 500mw 250mw BZX79C4710 pcs
113BYW98-200 Fast Recovery Diode6 pcs
100ZTD09N50DE6QTA Bipolar Transistors - BJT 50V Dual NPN Low Sat 1A for Cognex DM3xx10 pcs
96RC55Y precision resistor, 64k9 0.25W15 pcs
95L4963D smd Sw. Regulator 1.5A 79KHz Step-Down1 pcs
922 way friction lock vertical header 3.96mm4 pcs
91LM329BZ0 pcs
74TC4469C0E smd1 pcs
70PMR209 PCB mount,0.1uF 100R 250Vac3 pcs
670R39 7W 5% Wirewound Power Resistor2 pcs
54CD74HC190 smd5 pcs
40COTO-9001-05-00 - Reed relay, SIP, SPST, 5VDC9 pcs
34SN74159N1 pcs
24IRFBF30 3.6A 900v power n channel fet2 pcs
193.96mm, KK, housing, w/ramp, nylon, 14way3 pcs
14IRF3205 N-channel 98A 55V Mosfet6 pcs
12STW7NK90Z N-channel MOSFET0 pcs
793LC46B/P4 pcs
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