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40442GD75232PWE45 pcs
40440TLP161G(U,C,F) AC Input Phototriac Output Optocoupler, Surface Mount, 4-Pin S063 pcs
4043774HC540 SMD SOP Narrow17 pcs
40435BA15d Automotive Incandescent Lamp, Clear, 24 V9 pcs
40433G6E-134P-US 24DC1 pcs
40430Hirschmann, GML 2P+E DIN 43650 B, Female Solenoid Valve Connector, 24V ac/dc Voltage1 pcs
40425BA15S 24V 5W light bulb for prepair charger6 pcs
40424IRFP460BPBF1 pcs
40423LQH43PN_26, 4532 Shielded Wire-wound SMD Inductor with a Ferrite Core, 1uH 30% Wire-Wound 3.4A Idc18 pcs
40421TLC274CN4 pcs
40418Vishay 100Ω, Melf 0204 Thin Film SMD Resistor ±1% 0.25W - MMA02040C1000FB30021 pcs
40417Littlefuse 0.33A Hold current, Radial Leaded PCB Mount Resettable Fuse, 240V dc4 pcs
40414LM3524DN/NOPB1 pcs
40413Eurocard 32 Way 2.54mm, 5.08mm Pitch, Type 1/2 C Class C2, 3 Row, Right Angle DIN 41 pcs
40409JW2SN-DC24V3 pcs
40405MC14043BCP1 pcs
40400Wurth Elektronik, WR-WTB Female Crimp Contact 18AWG 64500113722DEC100 pcs
40397TMS9937NL VDL CRT Video Timer Controller 40 Pin Dip1 pcs
40394BD682 pnp transistor 100V 4A SOT328 pcs
40392Omron 48V ac Coil Non Latching Relay2 pcs
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