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39952D44VH10G NPN Transistor, 15 A, 80 V, TO-220AB46 pcs
39945SPDT PCB Mount Non-Latching Relay 10 A, 24V dc1 pcs
3994230. 5Vdc DPDT Relay, 2A, PCB Mount1 pcs
39937Panasonic Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 22μF 35V dc 5mm Through Hole FC Radial Series +105°C5 pcs
39936Panasonic Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 47μF 25V dc 5mm Through Hole FM Radial Series +105°C1 pcs
39935Panasonic Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 22μF 50V dc 5mm Through Hole FM Radial Series +105°C5 pcs
39934Panasonic Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 22μF 25V dc 5mm Through Hole GA Series +105°C4 pcs
39933BC549C, Transistor, NPN, TO92, 30V, 100mA,1 pcs
39932AEC-Q101 N-CH 60V, SOT-895 pcs
39931Panasonic Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 22μF 50V dc 5mm Through Hole FM Radial Series +105°C1 pcs
39930Panasonic Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 1000μF 25V dc 12.5mm Through Hole FM Series +105°C3 pcs
39929Panasonic Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 120μF 16V dc 6mm Through Hole FM Radial Series +105°C1 pcs
39924LM78L05ACZ, 5V Lin Volt Reg 100mA, 3-Pin TO9215 pcs
39922G5Q-14 DC24 RELAY GEN PURPOSE SPDT 10A 24V10 pcs
39921100nF 1 kVdc 500Vac PME2614 pcs
39919ZVP2106A P-ch MOSFET 60V 3-Pin E-Line19 pcs
39917BCP56-10- Bipolar (BJT) Single Transistor NPN 80V 180 MHz 640 Mw 1 A 63 Hfe0 pcs
3991610uF 35V Elect. Cap., 5mm SMD0 pcs
39913LL4148 SMT Switching Diode 100V 200mA 2-Pin SOD-8011 pcs
39907JQ-RELAIS 10A 1-POL.NO 24VDC4 pcs
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