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40042Littelfuse ZA Series Metal Oxide Varistor 7nF 10A, Clamping 76V, Varistor 43V9 pcs
40038Rubycon Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 10μF 63V dc 5mm YXF Series, Through Hole Electrolytic5 pcs
40037Vishay GF1M-E3/5CA SMT Switching Diode, 1000V 1A, 2-Pin DO-214BA15 pcs
40031KA78L09AZTA Linear Voltage Regulator, 100mA, 9 V 3-Pin, TO-9249 pcs
4002810k 3W Metal Oxide Resistor7 pcs
40021BC33740BU-Bipolar (BJT) Single Transistor, NPN, 45 V, 100 MHz, 625 Mw, 800 Ma, 170 Hfe0 pcs
4002050., Safety Relay,12Vdc,DPDT,8A0 pcs
40017Alliance Memory, AS6C1008-55S1N SRAM Memory23 pcs
40015FDS6910 Dual N-channel MOSFET, 7.5 A, 30 V PowerTrench, 8-Pin SOIC4 pcs
40010Mersen ATMR GMG Cartridge Fuse, 20A, Speed F, 10 x 38mm1 pcs
40006Alliance Memory,AS6C1008-55PCN SRAM Memory,1Mbit0 pcs
40005G2R-1 SPDT Relay PCB, 24V dc Coil, 10A89 pcs
40002TIP147G PNP Darlington Pair, 10 A 100 V HFE:500, 3-Pin TO-2472 pcs
39999Panasonic Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 470μF 25V dc 10mm FC Radial Series4 pcs
39994RY611024 SPDT Non-Latching Relay, 24V dc Coil, 8 A, PCB Mount0 pcs
39990100R .25W, 1%, Axial Lead, MF25 Ser.0 pcs
39971100nF 1kVdc, 500Vac Paper Cap PME2615 pcs
39970SFH619A -Optocoupler,Darlington Output, 1 Channel, DIP, 4 Pins, 60mA,5.3 Kv, 1000%0 pcs
39967SMD 04026D104KAT2A100 pcs
39955Kone KM778949G10 Jumper Plug1 pcs
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