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40220KEMET Paper Capacitor 2.2 nF, 100 nF 275V ac ±20% Tolerance PZB300 Through Hole +100°C2 pcs
402192200uF10v Electrolytic Capacitor Radial Rubycon 105C8 pcs
4020510K Lin 16mm Pot, Panel mnt, 200mW, 6mm Splined Shaft5 pcs
40203LT1021CCN8-10PBF1 pcs
4019510uF, 25V, Tant. Cap, Radial, 790D ser., SIBAS8 pcs
401832pF 50V SMD cap, MLCC, size 0402,1005 (tiny)100 pcs
40178100pF 25V SMD cap, MLCC, size 0201, 0603 (tiny)50 pcs
40169HCF40107B, DUAL,2 i/p NAND Drvr, 8 pin DIL4 pcs
4015310 Way Through Hole DIP Switch 10P, Rotary Flush Actuator8 pcs
40149100nF Polyprop. Cap. 275Vac Through Hole ECQUA Series4 pcs
40131Sleeve, Screw, Subrack, KM6-II, Schroff 21100-464100 pcs
40112LT1039CN, 18pin DIP,4 pcs
40111NTPA7100LBMB0 Thermistor 10R, 9 (Dia.) x 5mm9 pcs
40093QM100HY-2H0 pcs
40091100nF MLCC 50v 0805 SMD23 pcs
40074STF10NM60N N-Channel MOSFET, 10A, 600 V Mdmesh, 3-Pin TO-220FP STMicroelectronics1 pcs
40064Panasonic ZNR Series Metal Oxide Varistor 100A, Clamping 710V, Varistor 430V0 pcs
40056Resistor 2010 Case 100R 1% 0.5W49 pcs
40054Resistor 1210 Case 20R 5% 0.5W249 pcs
40048100nF MLCC 50Vdc X7R 0805 (2012M) SMD13 pcs
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