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40394BD682 pnp transistor 100V 4A SOT328 pcs
40379SMU10P052 pcs
40356M4 Steel Hex 10mm Standoff, Male-Fem, Spacer50 pcs
4035310nF, Polyester Cap., 200Vac 400Vdc, MKS43 pcs
40349330nF 0U33 Cap, MLCC 100Vdc, SMD, 1210 (3225M)46 pcs
40344ZVP3310F, P-Ch MOSFET, SMD, SOT-230 pcs
40327CRCW060310K0JNEA7 pcs
40325CRCW020110K0FNED30 pcs
40321100kΩ, Through Hole Trimmer Potentiometer 0.5W Side Adjust Bourns, 33623 pcs
40320Hirose, A3C, 10 Way, 2 Row, Straight PCB Header5 pcs
40310KBPC3510W, Bridge Rectifier, 35A 1000V6 pcs
40306Relay SPDT, 12 VDC, 10 A ( for Linak bed controllers)0 pcs
40285HF3FA/024-ZTF 24V dc 10A Non-Latching Relay SPDT, PCB Mount3 pcs
40283ITT Cannon Trident Male Crimp Terminal Contact 16AWG 192990-0100/T2P16MC1LZ6 pcs
4028212V dc Non-Latching Relay SPNO, 10A2 pcs
40279Bussed Resistor Network 470R, 9 Resistors, 1.25W Total, SIP 4600X, 10 pin23 pcs
40273ALQ312 12V dc Non-Latching Relay SPNO, 10A1 pcs
4027224V 2.5A 60W Encapsulated SMPS, 100-240Vac supply2 pcs
40250FS100R12KT3 igbt module1 pcs
40234SPST Toggle Switch, 10A, On-Off-(On), Panel Mount1 pcs
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