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38196Vishay VS-KBPC810PBF0 pcs
38188Epcos B66368B1020T1 ETD 49/25/16 Coil Former, 20 Pins1 pcs
38184 CAPACITOR, 470NF 100V5 pcs
38156100uF 10V Tantalum Cap., TAJ series3 pcs
38153RUBYCON 35YXF100MEFC8X11.5 Electrolytic Capacitor, Miniature7 pcs
38151Vishay Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 10μF 63 V dc 4.5mm Axial series 021 ASM lifetime 2500h5 pcs
3814910uF 25V Tantalum Cap., SMD, TAJ series11 pcs
38137Resistor Array 100k 2% 8 Resistors, 2.25W Total, DIP package 4100R Through Hole25 pcs
38133Bourns 4116R-1-103LF Resistor Network 10k5 pcs
38131PPQ-1003D3 pcs
381303W Isol. DC-DC Conv. Through Hole, Vin 10.81 pcs
38123Rubycon Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 10μF 450 V dc 10mm Through Hole series PK lifetime 2000h11 pcs
38072Resettable Fuse, PPTC, 1210 (3225 Metric), PolySwitch microSMD Series, 13.2 VDC, 500 mA, 1 A9 pcs
3806862684-402100ALF-FFC/FPC Board Connector,0.5mm,40 Contacts, Receptacle, OPU Series, Surface Mount,Top0 pcs
38063Littlefuse LA Series Metal Oxide Varistor 900pF 100A, Clamping 710V, Varistor 473V2 pcs
38035LY2 24DC 24Vdc DPDT Relay,10A, Plug In, Ice Cube1 pcs
38034Finder Relay1 pcs
38018220uH 100mA SMD Inductor,Ferrite Core7 pcs
37997V23105A5005A201 24Vdc DPDT Relay, 3A, PCB Mount1 pcs
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