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38300Signal Relay, SPDT, 24 VDC, 1.25 A, W11/V23101 Series, Through Hole, Non Latching1 pcs
38298LEM MODULE 100A TYPE; LT 100-P 30OHM0 pcs
38284G5Q-14 DC9 RELAY SPDT 10A 9V5 pcs
382833130-F110-P7T1-W01Q0 pcs
38281L312F Thyristor, 600 V, 100 mA, 15 A, Module, 6 Pins1 pcs
38279SFH6106-4 Opto 4 pin DIP SMD2 pcs
38272Toshiba LCD LTM10C209A1 pcs
38270SN74LS10N, Triple 3 Input NAND Gate, DIP-148 pcs
38267BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR, PNP, -100V, TO-2201 pcs
38264PWM Controller, 30V-10V supply, 1 MHz, 5.2V/200mA1 pcs
38261Transistor, PNP, 80 V, 3 MHz, 30 W, 1 A, 10 hFE3 pcs
38260220nF Polyester Capacitor (PET) 200 V ac, 400 V dc ±10% series B32523 Through Hole3 pcs
38257AMP-LATCH, 10 Way, 2 Row, Straight PCB Header1 pcs
38246IRF5210LPBF P-Channel MOSFET, 38A, 100V HEXFET, 3-Pin I2PAK3 pcs
38239 IS62C1024AL-35QLI SRAM Memory, 1Mbit 128k*8, 35ns, 5 SOP 32-Pin1 pcs
38236MTA-100 Series9 pcs
38227Schneider Electric TeSys Auxiliary Contact Block - 2NO/2NC (4), Front Mount, 10 A1 pcs
38212STP35NF10 N-channel MOSFET Transistor9 pcs
38209 T1001CN8 Op Amp2 pcs
38205Apem AK100 Series 10mm Pitch Straight PCB Terminal Block with Solder Termination, Through Hole,5 pcs
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