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40704Vishay, 15V Zener Diode 10% 1 W SMT 2-Pin SMA3 pcs
40701M2716F12 pcs
40700TXDV1212RG3 pcs
40696DG200AC.19 pcs
40695CXK5864BP-12L2 pcs
40693TDA9109/SN9 pcs
40690STR831451 pcs
406895V dc Coil Non-Latching Relay SPNO, 5A Switching Current PCB Mount Single Pole, PCN-105D3MHZ,001B2 pcs
40688AMPMODU Short Point Female Crimp Terminal 22AWG 1-104480-49 pcs
40687JQ1P24F 24V SPDT 10A Panasonic Weird Pinout2 pcs
40686TDSL3150 10mm 7 Seg. Red LED Displ., Comm. Anode4 pcs
40683IRL1520N2 pcs
40682AM7201-50JC4 pcs
4068174HC10N1 pcs
40676600V 1A, Silicon Junction Diode, 2-Pin DO-214AC S1J-13-F41 pcs
40675DG411DY2 pcs
40673CY62128ELL-45SXI1 pcs
40672MJW1601082 pcs
40671TDA817611 pcs
40669STGF10NC60KD IGBT, 9 A 600 V, 3-Pin TO-220FP, Through Hole7 pcs
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