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41533AGP3400-T1-D24 Proface 8.5 inch touch panel with overlay1 pcs
41532Ocado touch panel 6AV6645-0AA01-0AX02 pcs
41531Ocado keypad membrane 6AV6645-0AA01-0AX05 pcs
415306AV6643-0CD01-1AX1 12 inch touch panel with overlay2 pcs
415296AV2 124-0GC01-0AX0 7 inch touch panel1 pcs
4152624V 5A relay, fuji RB105-DE, hongfa HF49FD/024-1H12, TE connectivity 7-1461491-60 pcs
41522FTR-K1CK024W RELAY2 pcs
41520IXYS DSP25-12A diode pack TO-247 28A 1200V2 pcs
41519KBPC2510 Bridge Rectifier, 25A, 1000V, fast on9 pcs
4151812 pin female Plug , 5mm Pitch, Spring Termination push fit0 pcs
415176 Way, 1 Row, Right Angle PCB Terminal Block Header 3.81mm pitch9 pcs
41516CNY17-23 pcs
41511Omron PCB Mount Power Relay, 12V dc Coil, 10A Switching Current, SPST2 pcs
41509RS PRO Omni-Directional, Through Hole 9.7mm Microphone Condenser -41dB18 pcs
41508V23154D-421F104 4-1393807-41 pcs
41507M48Z08-100PC11 pcs
41506LM78L12ACM/N0PB1 pcs
41503RGP02-16E-E3/544 pcs
41502ZXMP6A16DN8TA5 pcs
41500MC14021BCP1 pcs
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